Granby Charging Solutions takes your EV
charging to a whole new level.


Why settle for legacy EV chargers that don’t cut it in terms of performance, durability, or high-tech features? Say hello to JuiceBox solutions: electrical vehicle chargers for home, commercial and DC use.

Home EV chargers

JuiceBox Level 2 home EV chargers charge up to 9 times faster than conventional chargers. They can also be controlled and monitored through a smartphone app, web portal, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home.

Commercial EV chargers

JuiceBox Pro is your go-to smart commercial EV charger to provide modern amenities for businesses, workplaces, and multi-unit residential properties. Get maximum versatility by mounting it on the JuiceStand Pro or JuicePedestal.

DC chargers

JuicePump, a line of powerful and versatile Level 3 DC charging stations for electric vehicles, can charge many of your guests’ and customers’ EVs to 80% in less than an hour.


Best price/performance ratio

Switching to EVs and catering to consumers’ needs is an investment not to be taken lightly. Our charging stations for electric vehicles offer great price points without sacrificing performance and features.

Sleek and functional

Preserve the look of your property with stylish home, commercial and DC EV chargers. JuiceBox EV charging stations offer various installation options for quick installations that blend into any environment.

Built to withstand the elements

No matter where you are in North America, JuiceBox EV chargers are a cut above the rest when it comes to long-term durability. Freezing-cold, blazing-hot and high-salinity environments are no match for JuiceBox.

Smarter and easier than ever

Convenience at your fingertips! Thanks to smart apps for the home and business, you can monitor and manage your EV charging for maximum energy savings. We offer a smarter way to charge electric vehicles.


It all depends on your application, level of use, and how fast you want to charge an EV!

Level 1 charging

Level 1 charging is simply plugging an electric vehicle into a standard 120-volt household outlet. Most EV drivers find that Level 1 chargers’ 4 to 8 kilometres of range per hour isn’t enough to keep up with their daily driving needs. With Level 1 charging, you have to be patient!

Level 2 charging

Level 2 EV chargers are perfect for homes and many commercial applications. They provide a faster 19 to 100 kilometres per hour of charge. Level 2 charging stations use a 240-volt outlet and are suitable for daily driving needs. Level 2 charging is all about convenience.

Level 3 charging

For organizations looking to invest in ultra-fast EV charging for their employees, customers and tenants, Level 3 DC chargers afford the quickest charging rates. Level 3 DC charging is ideal for commercial use and meets the speed requirements for people on the go.


Granby Charging Solutions is currently looking for resellers for our home, commercial and DCFC EV chargers. Electrify your business with our EV charging solutions.


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